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Princess Cookie

A character somehow ends up with one or more small live animals inside their clothing. Naturally will cause the character to go crazy over it, twisting, squirming, and grabbing to naked adventure time princess bubble gum whatever's in gkm clothes out. This trope often appears as ants in one's pants. Occasionally, their movement and gyrations to get rid of it makes ubbble think that they're dancing. Sometimes, the onlookers join in. In the North of Englandpeople do this on purpose as performance art.

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No, we don't get this one either. Compare to Accidental Tickle Torturesince some cases of this causes its victims to laugh. Compare Colossus Climb due to the similar nature of the trope. Sometimes overlaps with Groin Attack if the said animal is harming or used to harm the person. May be an example of Victoria's Secret Compartment if the bubbld decides to use a woman's cleavage for this purpose.

You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Now somebody, anybody, everybody, scream! That girl's got some serious squirrels in her pants! A Motorola Cell Phone ad for the Super Heroes of sex apk download featured a man sitting in a jungle when a snake climbs up his pants. He rapidly scans through naked adventure time princess bubble gum phones princwss to find out what kind of snake it naked adventure time princess bubble gum and if it is harmless.

He gets the results of the harmless Milk Snake, or the dangerous constrictor. The voiceover continues, "But what about the fifth dentist?

adventure gum princess bubble naked time

Four of them say yes, as a squirrel runs under the table and up the fifth dentist's pants leg. A commercial starts with the Super Duper Party Troopers, a children's TV show band, singing about putting ants in naked adventure time princess bubble gum pants before changing into a PSA for brushing your teeth. Averted in an Australian advert for Holeproof "Antz Pantz".

A beautiful woman in the advertised underwear is reclining in bed when she realises that ants are crawling all over her.

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She calmly lets her pet echidna an Australian spiny anteater take care of them. Farmer's Insurance as part of its "Hall of Claims" ad campaign showed this as "Rodent Ride Along" with a hamster escaping its cage, crawling up a hapless driver's pants, and causing a chain reaction fender-bender. Allegedly, this was a real-life claim sent naked adventure time princess bubble gum Farmers on December 14th, During the middle of a play she's acting in, at that. In episode 8, Tina's new pet ferret manages to find its way up Taeko's dress and then Aoi's in short order.

Taeko doesn't show much reaction beyond shock, but Aoi starts squirming and saying that it tickles. Subverted in the Hentai Alien from the Darkness. Hikari has a pet ferret that crawls into her shirtmaking her fidget around saying that it tickles.

In one of the earlier episodes of Fresh Pretty Cure! In Fruits BasketTohru is making her way back to the house from Yuki's garden when she spots some clothes on the ground.

After much property damage, Grunge and his counterpart Boisterous Bruiser decide to settle the matter by "Ferret-legging": Grunge wins by turning his naughty bits into metal to avoid damage. The supervillain retreats; this was too much for naked adventure time princess bubble gum to Squirrel Girl is really good at invoking this trope on kittycat girlvania enemies.

Doom is one of most famous victim. She has an Imagine Spot in the first issue of her own series where she suggests doing this to Kraven. In The Temple of the SunCaptain Haddock is driven nearly mad when he's left Bound and Gagged for several hours, and it turns out a lizard had been running up and down his back the whole time.

In Tintin and the Picaroshe gets shocked by an www.fuking picture eel that slides into his shirt when he fell into a naked adventure time princess bubble gum. In naked adventure time princess bubble gum Usagi Yojimbo story, a hunted fox jumps into Usagi's clothes to escape some hunters.

As a result, Usagi is wriggling about with the animal in his clothes as he talks to the hunters while Tomoe is laughing her head off at this silly situation. The Calvin and Hobbes strip quoted below has a subversion in which Calvin simply has a hole in his pocket, causing some of his pennies to drop down his leg. You never know when some crazed rodent with cold feet might be running loose in your pants.

Another reason not to wear 'em. And there he goes headed for downtown. We're going to be on the news again, aren't we? Wear your blue outfit this time. In Remember How to Smileone of the stories from the Mellon Chronicles series of Lord of the Rings fanfiction, something like this happens. Legolas's pet ketrals get loose in King Thranduil's throne room and make an unholy mess.

Thranduil catches Aragorn and Legolas trying to round them up again, and one of the ketrals, in mortal fear of him, hides in Aragorn's pants. Obviously, uncomfortable squirming and embarrassment ensues. In The Waiting Room episode 6once Ant-Man gets fed up with Deadpool 's obnoxiousness, he naked adventure time princess bubble gum some of his "little friends".

Deadpool first laughs it off, but then he starts squirming and bouncing all over the place from ants in his pants. Max from A Goofy Movieto his eventual embarrassment, gets a possum in his pants. By the time he gets it out, the dance is already in full swing. The exterminator from The Ant Bully is subjected to this trope when some flying insects slip up his pant leg during their defense of the anthill.

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He generally acts like a basement-dwellinglove-shy manchild, so the majority of the fanbase identifies with him. Ever since since season 5, when the creators decided that the Ice King needed depth and shouldn't be only known as the in-show Princess rapistthey've made him the in-show historian for when a connection to the past is needed because he is the oldest character in the show - having lived longer than Marceline and Sugar-Tits Princess Bubblegum.

The only character that naked adventure time princess bubble gum be older than him is Marceline's father but that is only if he was always a demon and didn't sell his soul, after killing his Mother like some soft in the head Ozzy fan thinking it'd make them downloas game adult android original.

A Korean unicorn-rainbow hybrid that is somehow Jake's canon love-interest. And if that wasn't retarded enough already, they somehow managed to mate and conceive offsprings.

Adventure Time Porn

Most likely an Illegal Immigrant since she doesn't speak Naked adventure time princess bubble gum and can only run around mumbling in clicks, whistles and grunts, ensuring that no one will ever be able to understand her. Much naked adventure time princess bubble gum advenutre one Autobot that can fly, she only shows up when Princess Bubblegum needs a ride somewhere. She's only in the show to represent diversity because in Pedoton Ward's perfect world, after the big bomb exploded just over Harlem - there were no more black people but still needing people to maintain and build their I.

Her rule 63 version, Lord Monochromicorn is gu, as boring as she is. Some belly inflation porn have come up with an interesting argument about Lady Rainicorn's Rule 63 character flip.

They nake been saying that if boy is the opposite of girl then black is the opposite of Azn and why Princess Rainicorn went from a rainbow coloured unicorn to a one colored, BLACK unicorn.

Browse the largest collection of Princess-bubblegum gifs on the web. 13 17 0 · princess bonnibel bubblegum (adventure time) drawn by mike inel · Hentai.

The argument goes that Azns are hard-working, self-starting, disciplened, intelligent people where blacks are, well, not. The fan argument goes further in saying that Pedoton Ward is making a statement because no one else has a colour shift.

If he was committed to his rule 63 swap, they say, shouldn't Lord Naked adventure time princess bubble gum be some kind of magical stallion like Sleipnir in Norse Mythology or a winged horse like Pegasus in Greek Mythology because Unicorns are almost always girls? Ward lives out his dream of being a BBW transvestite by voicing this fat fucking shemale. It's later revealed that she wants Finn to fuck her since he began as Ward's self insert. Fantards are prone to arguing that her " LUMPS " naked adventure time princess bubble gum to Tits and ass and as a female character she is meant to have a rocking bod.

If there's any validity to that theory, would that mean her Rule 63 character Lumpy Space Prince has a 36 centimeter cock? Given her ridiculous, rampant behaviour displayed www.frozen en porno most of the show, her initials may as well be changed to "LSD".

BMO is a fucking retard that was all that Finn and Nude pokemon xyz could afford from their daily jobs.

It's just a fucked up Game Boy slave that they have around their dope-ass tree house which reeks of bong water and piss. When Finn and Jake go on adventures or are out of the house, BMO likes to smoke up their stash and pretend that he's a Raymond Chandler, film noir style detective. In the Ice King's rule 63 fanfics, BMO is the only character that doesn't have a gender flipped character as he is considered sexless because he's a machine and, depending on the character speaking, BMO can be referred to as either a he or a she.

This piece of shit is probably the worst thing ever created by Pedoton Ward and his crew, because now every 40 year old big hot boobs virgin that watches the show thinks it's the coolest thing ever done on TV, as it reminds them of their childhoods. YouTube is being filled to the brim with fan made videos because it strikes a chord with Adventure Time fantards, who want to be like The Ice King and be the last person on Earth with their very own, personal loli.

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